Smog checks and their importance

Smog checks are compulsory in the state of California, biannually, for most vehicles. It can be a confusing process, especially when trying to determine if your car needs a smog check or not. Sunnyvale Discount Smog can help you figure this out.

Smog checks can be expensive, but that doesn‘t mean you have to spend big bucks to get one. That’s why we offer a coupon right off our website.

But why choose Sunnyvale Discount Smog over other discount places? Because while we do offer a coupon to offset some of the costs, we value every customer and always provide the most professional service. We’re here to answer any questions, many of which you’ll find in our FAQ section.

Check out our coupon and make sure you get that smog check done!

Smog Check For Only $31.75 + $8.25 state certification
$31.75 + $8.25 state certification for 2000 newer small cars, hybrids, Most small & light diesels, light trucks, SUV, Small vans only. (1996-1999 extra $20.00. 1995 and older please call for pricing). Vehicles with difficult engine access extra. Aftermarket add-on parts extra. Pass or FREE retest for 2000 and newer vehicles. Please call to schedule an appointment or schedule online. Your business is greatly appreciated. Print or show coupon on your smartphone.
Call for details.
Expires - 07/20/2024

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