California is all about clean air quality and reducing emissions. These applications are made to identify cars releasing excessive emissions, and also have them repaired according to local regulations.

Emissions laws change drastically depending on where you reside. Some states require all vehicles to pass a yearly emissions evaluation, but California requires cars, trucks and vans to pass a smog check biennially. Some states do not require emissions testing at all.

Failing a smog check generally implies you can’t register the vehicle, therefore rendering it illegal to operate the car on the road. Instead, you will get a listing of needed repairs from the mechanic or review attendant. The older cars are the ones which tend to fail since they have failures with their emission systems.

How To Pass A California Smog Test

Don’t be afraid to take your car to the mechanic once the check engine light illuminates. You could be avoiding other, more costly repairs later by handling smaller issues like minor leaks or a problem with your gas cap.

On newer cars, mechanics assess emissions levels by accessing the car or truck’s on-board computer program, while older cars may receive a tailpipe probe along with an on-board diagnostic test.

When problems are found, you can spend significant money to attract the vehicle into compliance, especially if it involves replacing or repairing a part in the exhaust system. One interesting fact is, checking your battery — a weak battery can affect the outcome of an emissions evaluation — changing your motor optimization, using quality gas and driving before the test can all help the odds of passing. Driving around before the test may help your car burn off
the emissions. Aside from maintaining your vehicle regularly, there aren’t any quick and dirty tricks to pass a smog test.

Just how much does a smog test cost?

The price and process changes depending on where you reside. Right now, Sunnyvale Discount Smog has a coupon to save you money. We will provide a state-issued sticker that goes to the car to reveal it has passed the emissions test. Police can ticket drivers who have not kept up to date on their automobile’s emissions testing. Come in today or schedule an appointment for your next smog check.